Fuel Injection System Segment

Ruien fuel injection system products are widely used for diesel engines of a variety of power, matching different kinds of commercial vehicles、passenger cars、engineering machinery、marine machinery、generator units and agricultural machinery. Products satisfy Tire3、CN4 and stricter emission regulations and laws. We have been taking a leading position in the industry in terms of product variety, manufacturing scale, market share, economic effectiveness for many years.

Exhaust Gas Treatment System Segment

Ruien has exclusively self-retained technology and patents on exhaust gas treatment system products that qualify for CN6 and Tier 4 emission regulations. With high level performance among domestic products, it possesses sustainable development ability of constant optimizing and upgrading. The products are widely applied to passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, general machinery and industrial catalyst scope, providing essential support to OEM customers for product upgrading.

Turbocharger Segment

Ruien has world leading manufacturing and test equipment for turbocharger, along with the ability of R&D and mass production. We are also capable of researching and developing turbo impeller & turbine, as well as independent calculating for application. Our turbocharger product portfolio includes waste gate turbocharger、variable geometry turbocharger、variable nozzle turbocharger、gasoline turbocharger.etc.,which satisfy CN6、Tier 3 and stricter emission regulations. The products are suitable for application in commercial vehicles,passenger cars,engineering machinery,agricultural machinery,generator units and so on. We serve for the domestic OEM customers and whole vehicle manufacturer.

Precision Manufacturing Segment

Ruien precision manufacturing relates to the whole process of component processing such as casting, machining, heat treatment, welding and the like. We also provide design & manufacture of non-standard equipment & device, tooling, automation & intelligent equipment as well as industrial interconnection segment, etc. At present, Ruien manufacturing system has been approved by IATF16949, ISO14001 and ISO45001 certification.

Aftermarket Business Segment

Ruien aftermarket product covers fuel injection system, turbocharger system, exhaust gas treatment system, hydraulic power system and core components of other vehicle & construction machinery. Our products are popular not only at home but also in foreign countries and regions such as Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe, America and the Commonwealth of Independent States. In recent years, Ruien has been exploring service of domestic IOV, the components channel and service system. By using the combination of big data and physical stores, Ruien has been extending the terminal service platform.

Hydrogen Energy & Drive Segment

WEIFU focuses on the core technology of components, enhancing the capability of scale production and improving quality, advancing our deployment in the age of globalization, aiding in technique solutions of fuel cell system. So as to produce more efficient, reliable and economic products.

Intelligent Networked Vehicle Segments

Ruien strategically focuses on the middle range radar module integration, providing standardized radar module products to improve all sight environmental perception of intelligent transportation, cabin, security and industrial manufacturing etc. Our intelligent seat products are starting from the mid-to-high end commercial vehicle market, continuing advancing the technological innovation of seat frame and integration.