Intelligent Manufacturing

Turbocharged System

We have top-notch research and development capabilities for the turbocharger industry in China, including comprehensive computer simulation capabilities such as CFD, rotor dynamics, modal analysis, and thermal fatigue, as well as the ability to design and develop turbochargers with various complex structures.
We have a provincial-level turbocharger engineering test center that can provide testing and validation for turbochargers and their components used in 3.8L-25L engines. We can carry out the research and development of various types of turbocharger products, such as variable cross-section and two-stage boosting, for various engine applications. We have expertise in 11 core technologies, such as aerodynamics, rotor dynamics, and engine reliability. We also undertake research tasks for series product testing, such as stress interference, representing top-level research capabilities in China. The test center has a total of 10 test benches, including ones for providing turbocharger performance, containment (bursting), and universal testing sercices.
We adopt advanced production technologies and world-class manufacturing equipment in the turbocharger industry, and implement real-time monitoring systems, comprehensive process control, error prevention, and failure protection measures through SPC to ensure that our products' products are of high quality and reliability.

Fuel Injection System

Ruien's fuel injection system products are widely used in diesel engines of all grades, for all kinds of trucks, buses, construction machinery, boats, generator sets, agricultural machinery, etc., and can meet the non-road Tier III, automotive national IV and higher emission regulations.

Automotive Electronics System

Ruien is a company that specializes in domestic first-class research and development capabilities for automotive electronic products. They have expertise in various areas such as static electromagnetic field, transient electromagnetic field, control circuit joint simulation, temperature field, fluent flow field, structural statics, hydraulic and pneumatic system simulation, and other comprehensive design simulation capabilities.
Their research and development capabilities also extend to the design and development of various solenoid valves, sensors, actuators, and other products used in fuel injection systems, air intake systems, and exhaust gas after-treatment systems.
Ruien possesses top imported precision processing equipment and an industry-leading measurement and testing center. This enables them to test and verify automotive electronic products and components using specialized test benches such as multi-functional fuel test benches, sensor calibration test benches, electromagnetic reading reliability test benches, solenoid valve dynamic response test benches, and electrical performance EMC tests.
They have a state-recognized enterprise technology center that allows them to conduct fuel system performance and reliability testing, engine steady-state and transient testing, light vehicle performance and road mode inhibition testing, and analysis of the latest emission regulations. They also have the capability for ECU, DCU, and SCU hardware in-the-loop simulation testing and other system verification testing.
Ruien can design, analyze, test, and calibrate various solenoid valves, sensors, and actuators used in the three major fuel systems. They have advanced automatic production and assembly lines in China, including a dust-free assembly line for fuel metering valves, as well as automatic error-proof solenoid valves and sensor assembly lines.